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Sunshade Tops

Sun Protection for Your Boats

Custom sunshade tops tells you everything you need to know about our custom fitted sun protection for your boat. Our boat sunshades create comfortable areas for those seeking relief from the sun’s burning rays, or an unexpected rainstorm on the water, while mooring in place, or docked in place. After all, enjoying more time boating as well as pleasantly participating in other offshore activities often depends upon the free-standing shade that you take with you. Traditionally, sunshade tops are found on boats with radar arches and work backwards of a bimini top by protruding toward the aft of the boat. However, Boatswain’s Locker can personalize a design and custom fit a high-quality sunshade top to provide sun protection for those in the rear of any boat. Moreover, you can opt to extend your boating season with additional protection from colder weather by selecting our custom sunshade tops with sunshade curtains. 

Sunshade Tops

Designing Your Custom Sunshade Top

As an industry leader in innovative designs, our sturdy construction and brand-specific custom covers provide a precision fit for protecting you and your investment.

Sunshade Tops Fabrics

Choose from a variety of fabrics such as Weblon®, Sunbrella®, Seamark, and Stamoid®. Boatswain’s Locker sunshade tops are double hemmed and turned, and pockets are zipped and double sewn for strength. The normal custom sunshade tops package includes a boot which wraps the sunshade top to the frame when not in use or for protection during traveling. Zippered pockets can be added to attach the fabric to the frame making disassembly or fabric replacement easy.

Sunshade Tops Frames

Sunshade tops frames are provided in 1″ or 1 ¼” stainless steel double-walled legs for stability and corrosion resistance and are secured to the deck with straps made of 1” nylon webbing. As an additional option, Super Stiff legs are available to add extra stability.

Sunshade Tops Fittings

Only the highest quality mounting fittings are available used to accommodate any application. All necessary stainless steel screws and mounting hardware are included with your custom sunshade tops package when purchased together. Picking the fabric, frame and fittings of a bimini doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Boatswain’s Locker can walk you through all the options. Just ask us or email oemsales@boatswains-locker.com.

Many boat manufacturers who offer covers as original equipment on their boats have those covers, enclosures, and sunshade tops made by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) like Boatswain’s Locker. We can make an exact factory replacement sunshade like the one sold by your boat dealer or design a custom fit that meets your specific needs for protection from the weather. Fact is, Boatswain’s Locker has made factory OEM replacement products and custom-fitted covers for most boats for years, such as marine grade sunshades for Sea Ray Boats, Sykes Creek Boats, Cobalt Boats, Monterey Boats and Meridian Yachts. The fabrics and colors used for Boatswain’s Locker sunshade tops also can match those originally selected by the boat manufacturer with marine canvas and marine grade fabrics from Sunbrella SeaMark™, Serge Ferrari Stamoid®, Herculite-Regatta Weblon® and WeatherMAX WeatherMAX 80™.

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