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Boat Enclosures

Quality Marine Grade Boat Enclosures 

Boat enclosures are exposed to many unforgiving environments. To meet a broad variety of challenges, Boatswain’s Locker selects only high-quality marine canvas, fabrics and hardware for all custom-fitted and factory replacement products. Since your boat and boating needs are unique, your marine canvas boat enclosure is personalized, built and custom fitted to your boat. Boatswain’s Locker’s standard enclosures are designed to attach bimini and sport tops with zippers, whereas hard tops are attached with tracks.  Plus, our marine grade canvas enclosures can be customized to attach to windshields and boat hulls using your choice of fastener type. Clear enclosure vinyl products are made from coated or non-coated clear press-polished polyvinyl. Normally, we use 40-gauge Strataglass on larger boats and 30-gauge on smaller boats. Moreover, each enclosure is skirted to match the rest of the canvas. Find out for yourself why yacht owners and recreational boaters prefer Boatswain’s Locker marine grade boat enclosures for their custom fit and excellent clarity, durability and strength. 


Enclosure Clarity Options

You have the option of using different polyvinyl materials for window-glass areas, such as 30-gauge extruded, 30 or 40-gauge Strataglass or 60-gauge Makrolon AR Polycarbonate. To best fit your individual needs, owners of smaller boats may choose a window in the back curtain to increase visibility. Or, for a larger boat, you may want a center forward slider; or u-zips (which allow the curtains to be opened without unfastening hardware); or you might want to add u-zip screens. 

Boat Enclosures

Desgining Your Custom Boat Enclosure

Whatever you want and needs, Boatswain’s Locker manufactures custom-fitted marine grade boat enclosures for the most unforgiving environments.

Boat Enclosure Fabrics

Choose from a variety of fabrics such as Recacril®, Weblon®, Sunbrella®, Seamark and Stamoid®. Every Boatswain’s Locker boat enclosure is double hemmed and turned, and pockets are zipped and double sewn for strength. The normal custom bimini package includes a boot which wraps the bimini to the frame when not in use or for protection during traveling. Zippered pockets are used to attach the fabric to the frame making disassembly or fabric replacement easy.

Boat Enclosure Frames

Boat enclosure frames are provided in 1″ or 1 ¼” stainless steel double-walled tubing for stability and corrosion resistance and are secured to the deck with straps made of 1” nylon webbing or upgraded to 1" stainless steel double-walled tubing for extra stability. 

Boat Enclosure Fittings

Only the highest quality mounting fittings are available used to accommodate any application. All necessary stainless steel screws and mounting hardware are included with your custom enclosure frame. Picking the fabric, frame and fittings for a boat enclosure doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Boatswain’s Locker can walk you through all the options. Just ask us or email oemsales@boatswains-locker.com.

When you choose Boatswain’s Locker, you get the right boat enclosure for your boat.

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