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Boat Bimini Tops

Custom Bimini Tops 

Bimini’s sport tops, convertible tops and T-Tops. We have a top for all needs and all seasons.


Biminis – Block the Sun – Not the Fun!

Sun and rain protection with all the headroom you want. Have Boatswain’s Locker build a custom bimini to exactly fit your boat and work around any aftermarket item you’ve added like a tower or arch. In a hurry or think a standard bimini will work with your boats, See our Standard Bimini section to find one for just you.

Bimini Fabrics

Choose from a variety of fabrics such as Weblon®, Sunbrella®, Seamark, and Stamoid®., Every Boatswain’s Locker bimini is double hemmed and turned, and pockets are zipped and double sewn for strength. The normal custom bimini package includes a boot which wraps the bimini to the frame when not in use or for protection during traveling. Zippered pockets are used to attach the fabric to the frame making disassembly or fabric replacement easy.

Bimini Frames

Bimini frames are provided in 1″ or 1 ¼” stainless steel double-walled legs for stability and corrosion resistance and are secured to the deck with straps made of 1” nylon webbing. As an additional option, Super Stiff legs are available to add extra stability.

Bimini Fittings

Only the highest quality mounting fittings are available used to accommodate any application. All necessary stainless steel screws and mounting hardware are included with your bimini when purchased. Picking the fabric, frame and fittings of a bimini doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Boatswain’s Locker can walk you through all the options. Just ask us or email oemsales@boatswains-locker.com.

Sport Tops/Convertible Tops

Custom sport tops or convertible tops are fastened at the windshield, leaving the two sides and back open. A strap support system, using 1” nylon straps or stiff legs are used to keep the top in place. A storage boot is included standard and there is a stiff leg option.


T-Tops are made in a variety of different designs to match the style and needs of your boat, with most patterned to the specific boat make and model. Laced on with nylon rope through nickel-plated grommets for a smooth appearance and a perfect fit, t-tops provide sun protection with a feeling of openness. Boatswain’s Locker’s standard T-Tops are made from a variety of fabrics such as Sunbrella® and Weblon and in various designs. Let Boatswain’s build your top, whatever the type. Just ask us or email oemsales@boatswains-locker.com.

Bimini Tops

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